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Literary Activities

Bringing Inspiration from around the world

Ananyaa is committed to develop and hone the literary skills of the students from the very early years to their pre-high school years.  Apart from engaging in literary activities within the classroom, there are numerous post school activities which students can engage in based upon their interest.

Here is a glimpse of our school literary activities:


  • Read and rhyme is an annual event, with the objective to enhance and encourage reading skills among children. Every child selects a book or reading material from fiction or non-fiction genres and reads it aloud in front of an audience.
  • Spell-well is done on daily basis in the morning gathering wherein the objective of this is to involve students in learning the correct spelling of words, their usage in sentences and enhances their speaking skills.
  • Chairman’s Cup is a trimestral debate event for primary school children.  It helps them develop their speaking skills and ability to express themselves verbally in front of a group, which builds confidence.  Learning to debate can help children to develop their research skills as well.
Art and Cultural

Celebrating Diversity and Multifaceted Brilliance

Under the umbrella of cultural activities, Ananyaa promotes creative thinking and artistic expression.  The students get the opportunity to showcase their skills in visual as well as performing arts through a variety of programs like competitions, festivals, workshops and shows.  Not only does our art program nurture a passion for a specific art, it also inculcates an aesthetic sensibility and creativity in them.


Keeping the holistic education and intellectual development in mind, we provide music as one of the parts of CCA activities which has different categories such as the theory of music, musicianship, musical appreciation, composition etc., We have well-equipped music room with an access to a variety of musical instruments which expose students to the best environment.

Visual Art

Ananyaa offers a unique curriculum of visual arts which provides students the key to succeed in a competitive industry which is building a holistic skill set.  Students get the opportunity to showcase the creative skills in different types of art forms such as clay modelling, drawing, photography, crafts etc., Different aspects of Visual Arts covered by Ananyaa are 3D sculpture drawing and sketching.

Sports and Wellness

Beyond Academics – Imbibing performing, visual arts and sports as part of curriculum

At Ananyaa we believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.  Hence, there is a continued focus on age appropriate sports, physical exercise and health enhancing lifestyles.  The students undergo a structured physical education curriculum that not only hones their skill in a sport but also helps them pick up lifetime skills such as attentiveness, respect, authenticity, excellence, working on a team, conflict resolution, sharing, handling success and failure, decision making, appreciation and the like.


  • Yoga: A healthy mind in a healthy body is the aim of our Yoga classes. It is taught in a fun and interesting way to the little ones.
  • Sports: Our sports trainers ensure that all students build the essential motor skills required to pursue any sport in their primary and middle year programs.
  • Individual Sports: Basketball, Cricket and Tennis are offered as optional individual sports. Students can choose to specialise in any of these under our trained and experienced coaches.
  • Skating: Hard surface skating is being instructed at Ananyaa by the State Champion and coach in Skate sports. Roller skating which includes Inline skating, freestyle slalom skating, Vert skating, Aggressive inline are introduced.  The artistic roller skating and road skating and skate boarding are also the part of a skate curriculum.
Trips and Excursions

Exposure – Exploring the outer world

The philosophy of outward bound education is adopted enthusiastically at Ananyaa. We offer our students ample opportunities to learn skills like leadership, perseverance, survival skills, teamwork and responsibilities through multiple local trip and excursions. Visits to factories, horticultural department, zoo, sanctuaries provide an excellent opportunity for the life skills development.

Inspired by Leaders

A Legacy of Building Community Leaders

At Ananyaa, we believe that every child, when nurtured, can become a leader!  The one catalyst that makes this possible is ‘Inspiration’.  Inspiration has the power to make us do the amazing, the extraordinary and the impossible! The talk and seminars about the inspirational leaders at Ananyaa, aspires to light that spark of inspiration in your child, by bringing under one roof, some of the best educational programmes from across the country and the world, thereby, preparing the young minds for exciting careers and leadership roles.


Technology is crucial for innovation.  With an aim to get kids interested in this area, Ananyaa encourages students to participate in Robotics and innovate human like machines that are capable of doing things beyond imagination.  There’s no doubt that in the foreseeable future there will be a need for people to be involved in programming mechanical devices.  Teaching robotics to the students at the early age will provide them skills useful in future employment. 


Morning shows the day!

This is exactly what Ananyaa’ns believe in and the hostellers of the school never fail to follow the morning regime which strongly emphasises on their physical and mental health.


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